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7 Sign You Need to Visit a Sexologist Right Now

7 Sign You Need to Visit a Sexologist Right Now

When you and your partner have a good connection, you will be happier and healthier. There are several parts of the relationship that decrease when there is a lack of intimacy. Many Indian couples choose to keep their problems private for this and many other reasons. Additionally, it is more difficult to find a medical practitioner who can assist due to a lack of information and understanding.

To determine whether or not you need to see a sexologist, consider the following factors first:

Driven by Low Sex:

If you have a low level of sexual desire, it suggests that you avoid physical contact. Hormonal fluctuations, exhaustion, and other factors are possible culprits. Furthermore, a lack of sexual desire can result from a temporary condition, such as being pregnant or breastfeeding. The health card is a great way to contact a sexologist if you've had a long-term problem and your partner isn't satisfied.

Do not expect your sexual desire to be in sync with your partner's:

It's possible that you and your partner don't have the same ideas about sex. In addition, one of you may have a low sex drive because of an underlying issue that you're unaware of. In these kinds of situations, communication is essential. Allow a sex therapist to assist you if you cannot speak effectively with each other.

The Orgasm You Desire Is Not Within Your Reach:

Among women, this issue is more prevalent. Since orgasm and ejaculation are associated with one other in men, this is why. If you cannot have orgasm despite having the desire and a loving and cooperative partner, you should see a sexologist.

Having sex makes you feel guilty about your behaviour:

Being a victim of child abuse, unpleasant sexual experiences, or holding on to trauma from the past may cause this problem, but it's not the only one. You should speak to a licensed sexologist to get over your terrible encounter. It will also give you a broader perspective on coitus.

You're attracted to unusual situations, activities, or objects you've never been attracted to before:

Over time, this behaviour can lead to serious problems, often indicative of deeper psychological problems. These desires may affect how well you do in school, work, and other equally vital areas to your well-being. It's even possible to see a lag in professional output. To avoid more damage, you must seek the advice of a specialist right away.

You Have a Sexual Obsession:

A sexologist should be consulted if you are always preoccupied with thoughts of sex, and this preoccupation is interfering with your day-to-day interactions and performance. Because of an underlying psychological problem, this person's preoccupation should be addressed quickly. Working with a specialist can help you pinpoint the source of your issue and find a solution.

To a Greater Extent Than With Your Partner, You Enjoy Sex Alone:

Masturbation is a natural bodily response. On the other hand, if you'd rather do it alone than with your spouse, there's a problem. As a result, you should seek the advice of a sexologist as soon as possible. To resolve your sexual needs and strengthen your relationship, you should seek the advice of an expert.

If you've had an abusive relationship, you may have issues like sexual disinterest, anxiety, fear, and inhibitions that get in the way of your marriage and relationship. There are several things that a sexologist may help you with, such as identifying the problem areas and treating them medically. This also reduces the likelihood of acquiring health problems associated with a person's sexual activity.


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