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Male Sexual Issues and Treatments

Male Sexual Issues and Treatments

Male sexual issues can be any disfunction that holds a male individual back from satisfying experiences of sexual activities with their partners. Approximately 31 per cent of male individuals around the globe report some dysfunction issue when it comes to their sexual life.

Sexual dysfunction:

Sexual dysfunction is an issue that can take place during any time of the sexual reaction circle. It presents the male individuals from witnessing satisfaction from the regular sexual activities.

The sexual reaction circle conventionally involves excitement, phallus, ejaculation, and resolution. Both arousal and Desire are aspects of the exciting part of the sexual reaction. It is crucial to know that not any and every male individual does not always go through the same process in the order mentioned above even though studies have shown that sexual dysfunction is a very typical issue in the mail individuals around the globe. Still, the majority of the male individuals do not prefer talking about it. 

But there are an array of treatment options accessible these days. This is why male individuals should share their issues with their spouses or partners and medical care providers.

Kinds of sexual dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction is usually classified into these categories

  • Pain disorders where the male individual experiences pain during sexual activities and intercourse.
  • Climax disorders where the male individual will experience absence or delay of climax or orgasm
  • Arousal disorders are when the mail individual cannot become sexually excited or aroused during sexual activities.
  • Desire disorders are when the male individual lacks the desire for sexual activities or does not feel interested in intercourse.

Who is distressed by sexual dysfunction?

Male sexual dysfunction can distress them at any given time of their life. However, it is more typical in the male individuals who have crossed the age of 40 because it is sometimes associated with a decline in medical health related to ageing.

Signs of male sexual dysfunction

  • Pain in the private area during intercourse.
  • The inability of having arousal.
  • Lack of Desire or interest in sexual activities.
  • The male individuals will experience that they cannot command the timing of orgasm. 
  • Premature or early climax.
  • Delay or absence of organism despite enough stimulation during sexual activities is known as retarded ejaculation.
  • The male individual will not maintain or achieve a phallus strong enough for regular intercourse, known as erectile dysfunction.

What are the reasons for sexual dysfunction?

Psychological reasons:This reason can involve anxiety and stress related to work-life nervousness about performance anxiety during sexual activities, relationship and marital issues, depressive disorders, regret problems around body image, and the influence of sexual trauma in the past.

Physical reasons:The majority of the physical or/and medical issues can create troubles with sexual functioning. Blood sugar, cardiovascular diseases, heart diseases, hormonal imbalance, neurological disorders, long-standing liver or kidney problems, and even drug and alcohol abuse. On top of that, the negative influences of some medicines involving a few antidepressant medicines can influence sexual function heavily.

Treatments of sexual dysfunction:

Most of the time of sexual disorders can be diffused by targeting the underlying psychological and physical issues. Other cur strategies involve:

Medicines:When a drug is a reason for sexual dysfunction, an alteration in the medicine can help the male individual. Male individuals with hormone deficiencies can benefit from hormonal creams, pills, or shots.

How is sexual dysfunction treated?

Mechanical treatments:

Treatments such as penile implants and vacuum devices can assist male individuals with erectile dysfunction.

Sex therapy:The sex therapist can assist the male individuals witnessing sexual issues which their preliminary practitioner cannot address. A sex therapist is sometimes a suitable marriage Counselor as well for the partners who desire to start in enjoying their sexual activities. It is well worth the effort and time to work with a professional sex therapist.

Wrapping up:

The success rate of treatments for male sexual dysfunction relies on the underlying reason of the given issue. The point of view is excellent for sexual dysfunction associated with the condition that can be reversed or treated. To improve sexual health, the male individual needs to be inspired and take a dynamic role in their health care.


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