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In some cases, yes. Reducing stress, or sharing concerns with your partner and/or doctor can help psychological ED. Physical impotence can be avoided by following a prudent diet and lifestyle that includes cutting back on alcohol and smoking. Diabetics must control their blood sugar levels within normal ranges.
In excessive amounts cigarette smoking, alcohol consumption and drug use can all lead to erectile dysfunction.
Waking up with an erection in the morning, when you have difficulty achieving an erection at other times of the day, can indicate that there may be a psychological problem interfering with your ability to get or maintain an erection and this may be directly related to excessive amounts of adrenaline in the blood stream. Do not let your problem persist. You should consult us in the field as soon as possible.
It is extremely common, afflicting an estimated 30 million men in the World. About half of all men aged 40 – 70 have erectile dysfunction
On taking the patient’s history, the physician may ask how the erection difficulties developed. Generally, physical ED develops over months or years, starting with a gradual loss of firmness in the erection. Over time, it takes longer to have an erection and is more difficult to maintain one. The physician conducts a thorough examination, and may select tests to differentiate between physical and psychological ED.
You definitely have the potential to resume full sexual function. It may take some time before you know whether or not the surgery affected your sexual functioning, but don’t wait to meet with an experienced physician about these concerns. While some doctors may tell you to simply wait and see, other doctors experienced in sexual medicine might offer you options soon after surgery to help ‘prevent’ sexual problems from developing. If you discover that you do indeed have erectile dysfunction as a result of prostate surgery, successful treatment to help you achieve strong erections is certainly possible. Other things to consider before you undergo prostate cancer surgery are: the type of surgery you are offered (there are nerve sparing techniques available) and the experience of your surgeon. These factors will affect your erectile health post-surgery. At Canadian Men’s Clinic, we have had excellent success with patients who are experiencing ED after prostate cancer surgery. If you have further questions or you would like to book an appointment, please call us and we would be happy to help you.
You are NOT too old to benefit from one or all of the treatments available.
Not usually. Most often erectile dysfunction is caused by physical rather than psychological reasons. However, physical impotence can often be compounded by psychological factors.
No, an infertile man does not produce enough effective sperm to conceive a child. A man who had erectile dysfunction (or impotence) can be perfectly fertile, so being impotent does not mean a man can not have children. Often erectile dysfunction is easier to treat than infertility.
Diabetes is one of the medical disorders most frequently associated with erectile dysfunction. It is estimated that 35 – 59% of men with diabetes have ED. The vascular and neuralgic complications associated with the natural history of diabetes are thought to be the main causes of ED in men with diabetes.
The treatment can potentially be a cure.
Whether you are experiencing weak erections, or an inability to get an erection, treatment is often the same.
For some patients, hormone replacement therapy is needed to help treat a low sex drive.
You should see a doctor about erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation as soon as it begins to bother you or cause problems in your love life. There are ways to treat and maybe even cure these conditions. You do not have to suffer unnecessarily.
You will generally lose your erection after you ejaculate and you may have an easier time getting a second erection.
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