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Masturbation Addiction Treatment

Masturbation addiction is an out of control sexual behaviour where a person has addicted to compulsive masturbation.

Masturbation in its healthy form is a normal behaviour, and plays an essential role in retaining good sexual functioning throughout life.

Masturbation addiction is a compulsive state of frequent or prolonged masturbation. Mood shifts before, during, and after the act, and lengthily periods of recovery time after acting out episodes are common. Masturbation addiction has a potential to severely interfere with relationship needs and intimacy ability, quality of life, and coping with normal daily demands. Some persons, who are affected by masturbation addiction, may experience significant losses of time, physical exhaustion, a neglect of their workplace and commitments, or missing out on promotions or social opportunities.

Side Effect of Excessive Masturbation

The main problems are of mental imbalances. Men who Masturbate too frequently will develop an addiction-like attraction for the habit. They will not be able to spend a single day without Masturbation, and will probably want to have a go at it whenever they can afford. The result is that, the person is not able to focus on work, which naturally suffers. Over Masturbation can also make a person sluggish in society, a slow learner and a person who is so wrapped up in his addiction for Masturbation that he does not show any kind of progress.

A very shocking side-effect is that people who Masturbate a lot develop such a strong affinity to the habit that they do not get the same kind of arousal through normal heterosexual intercourse. This, if anything, will affect the reproductive capability of a person.

Excessive Masturbation causes weak Erection and leads to Premature Ejaculation.

Excessive Masturbation also causes semen leakage and then it leads to overall weakness of a person and if the problem is not treated then it leads to Impotence.

Besides weakness it also causes other health problems like stress, fatigue, memory loss, headache, blurred vision, hair loss, liver dysfunction etc.

If you’re having problem with masturbation, then you should consult with Sablok Pharmacy Sexologist Treatment. We are committed to help you to stop the cycle of Masturbation that could lead to bad things for your’s life.


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