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If you are looking to have a happy married life and wanted to get rid of sexual health issues, connect today at Sablok Pharmacy in Noida. With having a team of experienced ad qualified doctors, we have served more than 20,000 patients so far. The medicinal treatments provided by us are 100% safe & Ayurvedic with no side effects. Get your sorrows converted into Smiles through personalized treatments offered by Dr. Sablok. Sablok Pharmacy treats various sexual illnesses such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low sex desire, infertility, masturbation, impotency, syphilis, alcohol addiction, etc. Get the treatments at our clinic or the comfort of your home. Just mail or WhatsApp through name & Problems to us and get the customized & proven treatments through Ayurveda.

Facts related to Sexual Weakness

According to the Ayurveda Specialist, no human is born sexually weak. It is their habits & childhood mistakes that affect their sex lives later. The reason can be watching adult movies, masturbating, unhealthy eating habits, exercising too much. They got to know about their sexual weakness after their marriage when they feel their wives are not satisfied sexually. In short, Nothing is permanent and every problem has a solution.

Why Sablok Pharmacy:

Sablok Pharmacy is well known sexual health clinic in Noida offering Ayurveda treatments. These Ayurveda solutions are proven treatments from the ancient times used by. For thousands of years, King Maharaja has been satisfying 10 to 10 queens by consuming these herbs. All the Ayurvedic medicines & sexual Health course is designed after extensive research. These Unani or Herbal medicines are proven and have no side-effect. These medicines or Ayurvedic medicine will help the married couple to boost their sexual power. It is a miracle to save married life. Sablok Pharmacy is a renowned name in Sexology, helping married couples to boost their sexual life. There are several reasons to choose the Sablok Pharmacy:-

  • Established in 1928 by Lt. Hakim Hari Singh Sablok
  • Affordable consultation fee
  • Proven Ayurvedic treatment for all sexual problems with no side-effects
  • Online Consultation available through WhatsApp
  • Free Home delivery of sexual course medicine
  • 100% confidentiality ensured

Get safe treatments to cure sexual illness, premature ejaculation & nightfall within 2 months only. Say No to Surgery!!

Treatments Offered at Sablok Pharmacy:-

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is also called Impotence. It is the situation of not holding the erection power throughout the intercourse or the inability to get enough erection for satisfactory sex.

erectile dysfunction treatment in Noida

Premature Ejaculation

PE is also called early ejaculation which is the state of semen leakage before satisfactory sex. We treat the PE through Ancient Ayurveda & herbs & recommend Diet to balance Pitta & Vaat.

best doctor for premature ejaculation in Noida


Excessive Masturbation may affect natural sex activities. Sablok Pharmacy provides Best effective treatments and Medicines to cure masturbation-related issues by studying the complete case.

masturbation treatment in Noida

Semen Leakage:

When a Male’s semen leaks without any sexual activity, it is a harmful state which needs an immediate solution. get herbal treatment and cure the semen leakage issue instantly.

specialist doctor for premature ejaculation in Noida


Nightfall is called nocturnal emission in which a male may ejaculate while sleeping or having a dream. t is not a serious, if this issue persists, may affect overall sexual health.

nightfall treatment in Noida


It affects the male reproductive system. Sablok Pharmacy is the leading stop for effective Ayurvedic herbal treatments to improve the quality and quantity of sperm.

ayurvedic sexologist doctor in Noida

Low Sex desire:

Unhealthy lifestyle, People are facing Libido problems. To maintain a healthy married life, we recommend couples avail themselves of Ayurvedic Treatments & adopt a healthy lifestyle.

best sexologist in Noida


It is a state when a man is infertile to become a father and his reproductive system is not fully functional. It can also be treated with Ayurveda.

male infertility treatment in Noida

Do Contact at +91-98100-41410 through Call or WhatsApp for any of the Sexual health issues in Noida.


1. Who is a sexologist?

Ans: A Sexologist is a doctor or a professional, having expertise in sexology terms. A sexologist helps people cure their sexual problems and make their married life sexually happy. Sablok Pharmacy, owned by a reputed sexologist in Noida- Mr. Sablok. Consult an experienced and qualified sexologist who could cater to all the male and female sexual issues.

2. Why should one consult a sexologist in Noida?

Ans: People residing in Noida should consult the sexologist nearby if they are suffering from sexual health issues. Couples who are sexually satisfied and happy, tend to spend a happy married life. So if you are facing sexual issues like premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, lack of desire, or inability to become parents, must consult the sexologist in Noida

3. When should one visit the sexual health clinic?

Ans: One can visit the sexual health clinic in Noida anytime. In case, if you are facing sexual weakness or are not able to satisfy your partner during intercourse, you may select a sexual health expert nearby. Likewise, if you are planning to expand your family, and looking for happy sexual life, Then this is the right time to visit the sexual health clinic in Noida.

4. Is Online consultation better for sexual problems?

Ans: Yes, If the doctor you trust, is far from your current location, you may book an online consultation. Due to the invention of digital devices, it becomes easy to connect the sexologist through Online video consultation, Just share your issues and get customized treatments. This will help you to save valuable time. While having nine consultations, you may set the privacy setting on your own.

5. How do Ayurvedic Medicines help in sexual problems?

Ans: From ancient times, Ayurveda has had a great role in curing physical disease. Ayurveda is a God-given solution to treat whatever disease you have. You just need to rely on the Ayurvedic expert. Ayurvedic medicines have no side effects. It may show slow results, but results are always durable. It helps in solving the root cause of the body and then cures sexual problems. Follow a healthy lifestyle while taking Ayurveda solutions to get the results better and sooner.

6. Which Treatment is best for erectile dysfunction?

Ans: Erectile dysfunction is a state where a person may not have enough erection while having intercourse. To treat this problem, an Ayurvedic solution is best as it attacks the root cause. Consult an Ayurvedic sexual health expert in Noida to get effective treatments for erectile dysfunction problems.

7. How can I permanently cure premature ejaculation?

Ans: To cure premature Ejaculation, always go for a healthy lifestyle, property Diet, and Physical Exercise. Do try Kegel exercise. Consult the Ayurvedic sexual health expert in Noida, to cure Premature ejaculation problems. This problem may be due to the hormone imbalance, so check for the initial analysis and get customized treatments.

8. How do I build stamina for intimacy?

Ans: Intimacy is the core part of any happy married life. People having relevant stamina may play a crucial role in intimacy or sexual activity. To build intimacy, better to adopt a healthy lifestyle Since in terms of proper diet, exercise, health supplements. You may also consult the sexologists in Noida to get effective treatments to build your stamina to have a long sexual activity.

9. How to find the best Ayurvedic Sexologist in Noida?

Ans: To find the best sexologist online, just Google the keyword “best Ayurvedic sexologist in Noida”, Choose the doctors visible on the first page, read about them, and select the best out of the sexologist mentioned on the first page. You may go for the word of mouth marketing as well.


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